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"Emilio Zapatero - Mejor Espectaculo de Circo" TAC Valladolid 2022


Sound Design:

Performed + Created:

Direccion + Dramaturgy:

Jonas Schiffauer

Alex Allison

Benjamin Richter

Eric Longequel

Moises Mas Garcia

Ute Classen

35 minutes, street


the show

tunnel is about dreams and ambitions. two companions with a desire to ascend from the tunnel. to celebrate, to live one moment of greatness, to sacrifice and be accepted. tunnel is an invitation to travel to their world, where the dream to rise up faces the fear of the chase.

"juggling is a language"



Tunnel Trailer Two
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10th July - Roter Hund Festival, Munster, DE

20th July - Schloss Strunkede, Herne, DE

22nd July - NRW, Kempen, DE

23rd - 24th July - Mein Sommer, Meine Stadt, Herford, DE

30th - 31st July - Spraoi Festival, Waterford, IE

5th August, MenegeFestival, Gelsenkirchen, DE

6th - 7th August - Strassentheatre Festival,  Idar Oberstein, DE

13th August - Comedia, Cologne, DE


8th July - Nordstadt Sommer,  Dortmund, DE

17th - 18th July - Za Dveřmi Festival, Prague, CZ

2nd August - European Juggling Convention, Lublin, PO

4th August, Just For Fun, Darmstadt, DE

3rd September - Comedia Theatre, Cologne, DE

12th September - FARA, Anderlecht, Bruxelles, BE

16th - 17th September  - Ooverloos Festival, Zuitphen, NL

21st October - MadN Festival, Madrid, ES

Bookings + Further info -


7th - 9th September - ZirkArt Festival, Forchheim, DE

15th - 24th February - VarietyExtra, Darmstadt, DE

12th - 14th April - Ypres, City Of Wings, BE

31st May - 2nd June - KLP Festival, DE

13th - 16th June - PIC, Sibiu, RO

14th July - WachsFabrik, Cologne Premiere, DE

6th - 7th July - P'tit Cirq'en Palc, BE

17th - 21st July - Pflasterspektakel, Linz - AT

2nd - 4th August - Just For Fun, Darmstadt, DE

23rd - 25th August - Spoffin Festival, NL

5th - 8th September - At.Tension Festival - DE

9th October - Ehrenfeld Studios, Cologne, DE


8th - 11th March - CircoFest, Puerto Rico, US

23rd - 24th July - SommerKoln, Cologne, DE


10th - 11th July - Just For Fun, Darmstadt, DE

30th - 31st July - T-Werk, Potsdam, DE

10th - 11th September - ZirkArt, Forchheim, DE

6th - 7th  November - National Circus Festival, Tralee, IE


25th - 26th May - TAC Festival, Valladolid - ES


4th June - Friccc Festival, Ciruelos De Cervera - ES

8th - 9th June - Festival Perspectives, Saarbrucken, DE

15th June - NRW, Dortmund, DE

25th June - Rheinenergie, Cologne, DE

26th June - Schloss Neuhardenberg, DE

3rd July - NRW, Dortmund, DE

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