Sound Design:

Performed + Created:

Direccion + Dramaturgy:

Costume Design:


Jonas Schiffauer

Alex Allison

Moises Mas Garcia

Benjamin Richter

Darragh McLoughlin

Liora Epstein

Moises Mas Garcia

Ute Classen

60 minutes


the show

2 jugglers find themselves bound to the rules of running machines while a musician orchestrates them through a series of games and experiments. A vivid circus performance celebrating juggling and running.

Running in itself is an incredibly efficient form of human locomotion.


Have you ever thought about how many muscles are needed to run, how many nerve pathways between head and leg are used with every jump? What this means in terms of coordination that the body performs - for something that seems to happen automatically? Just watch Maradona score a goal in the world cup final or feel the exhaustion of a Marathon runner when crossing the finish line. The run has so many emotions: It has stress and it has survival, it has adrenaline, desire, fear, whether you are being chased or chasing or escaping.

Juggling is a similar phenomenon. Throwing and catching are also complex biomechanical processes. To celebrate the evolution of the human walk and throw in an increasingly immobile culture, we created RUNNERS: A circus show combining excellent juggling, stunning objects and incredible sounds.

Runners Teaser
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